Ideological Manifesto

Research-Oriented Republic, or Sophocracy

  1. We decided to found our social project as a response to the growing disdain of the people towards their political elites and the danger we perceive in the populist alternatives that are challenging our humanist, progressive and republican culture.
  2. We recognize that the popular concerns about the broad political inefficiency, misrepresentation and unfaithfulness are legitimate and that the current forms of democracy have failed to respond to those issues.
  3. In order to preserve our heritage of the Enlightenment and to face the emerging challenging powers on the international stage, we believe there is a need to found an ideological and political alternative for a radical transformation of our Western political culture.
  4. In order to tackle the main issues of our democracies, our network aspires to reform the structures of our political institutions by including the academic-scientific community, as well as the new scientific discoveries, in the decision-making process for greater efficiency.
  5. Furthermore we strive for greater political representation and accountability by changing for more severe, complex and elaborate republican check and balances.
  6. This new form of radical research oriented republic would have as its main purpose the development of consciousness through the exploration and understanding of humanity, nature and the universe.
  7. We call this new form of democracy the Sophocracy and we strive to develop a framework of propositions to always come closer to our ideal.
  8. We do not believe in an immediate action through political parties, but we aim to develop a conscious and dynamic community transcending nations, social classes, professions and political parties that is aware of the importance of research, the need of democratic reforms and the preservation of our Enlightenment heritage.
  9. On the other hand, we believe that a democracy requires informed citizens to make rightful collective decisions and thus focuses on creating awareness around geopolitical and scientific issues for the voters and the politicians.
  10. On this practical considerations, we focus on establishing and promote an organized transnational civil movement to lobby and keep in check the ruling elites, at least until a significant political action can be undertaken.

Practical notebook of the movement

  1. The first concrete actions of the movement would center around a mission to inform citizens in democratic societies, namely to publish articles so citizens would be able to make enlightened choices while casting their votes.
  2. In the same logic, the movement aspires to check and collect politician’s behavior, propositions and voters history to help have a better understanding of the candidates during elections.
  3. Secondly, the movement would act as a politically engaged think tank by setting up an ideal science oriented republic index in order to grade governmental policies regarding our ideal society.
  4. This would lead to grant politicians a badge of ethical behavior on basis of their experience, past votes and actual propositions.
  5. The final stage of the think tank would be to propose a list of candidates to all electoral levels with the purpose to act as a responsible opposition movement to check the policy proposals.
  6. The opposition movement would share their analyses and concerns with the public in order to create awareness of current parliamentary debates, stimulate the democratic debate and shape the outcome by inciting citizens to mobilize on important issues relevant to our movement focused on democratic, progressive and scientific values.

Consciousness as Philosophical & Political Principle

  1. We are beyond partisanship and do not stand on the traditional political spectrum of the left and the right that we consider inadequate to tackle contemporary global challenges.
  2. The traditional ideologies emerged in their specific historical context that shaped their perceptions and solutions that we consider mostly inappropriate to our contemporary realities with their problems such as globalization, robotization, hyperconnectivity and climate change.
  3. We believe in the values of Liberty and Equality, however we do not consider neither of those as the defining political principle of our new political program.
  4. We place in the center of our network the value of Consciousness which incorporates both of them in a systemic logical framework.
  5. Since the Humanist revolution we believe that the defining element of humankind is its capability to create through self-consciousness, which requires a complex balance between Liberty and Equality to blossom.
  6. We recognize humankind to be fundamentally a being of consciousness, without which we wouldn’t be different from the animal kingdom, thus making consciousness the most important human quality to develop through education and social policies.
  7. Consciousness is only possible by expanding individual liberties in order to explore and express ourselves through innovative thoughts and actual creation.
  8. We consider the traditional opposition of liberty versus equality as futile, since they are both an element of enabling consciousness, axiom that should define social, economic and political policies.
  9. We personify a civilization of radical republican values of liberty, equality, fraternity that we enhance with the values of consciousness, creativity and exploration.
  10. Our radical thought is a positive radicalism that is the consequence of our intellectual integrity that leads us to accept a logic from top to bottom and assume it above our own fallacies, traditions, habits or wishes.

Systemic and Global activism

  1. By proposing a new philosophical framework, we aim to propose systemic reforms to change how the political debate and propositions are hold without aiming at monopolizing their outcomes and solutions.
  2. We believe that if our democracies are based on fair representation and strong accountability with a structural focus on citizens and research, that many of our social, economic and environmental challenges would decrease regardless the state-management propositions that parties could put forward in the new framework.
  3. We are striving for a directed democracy regarding their priorities and how they operate but opening up to the debate and daring propositions that can be developed to achieve those priorities.
  4. Like the environmental and technological challenges that are global, we transcend national borders and stand for a cosmopolitan movement that is in the continuity of the Enlightenment by announcing a new kind of global citizen for whose home is the world and its family humanity.
  5. The emergence of human development and the problems that are brought with them, like climate change, can by their nature only be tackled on a global scale by their consequences, like pollution, to expand all over the world regardless the place they are taking place.
  6. By considering this, coupled to the fact that transportation and communication technologies have put us to range and thus to potential reach to all the states, the solutions can only be global and inclusive of all countries.
  7. In order to face those global issues, an effective influence could only be exercised by developing a global network.
  8. This network aspires to be active across all countries and would in a mindset of equality have to offer solutions that are in the best interest of all humankind, regardless countries and origin of people.
  9. By consequence, our ideology and network would put in place a real structure to build a global civil society and democracy on.

Scientific progressivism as method

  1. We oppose ourselves to fear, hate and fatalism because we believe scientific progress and human consciousness can achieve abundance, prosperity and improve democracy instead of alienating the masses if rightly handled.
  2. We reject tradition and dogma as a frozen mindset in a changing environment to which we have to continuously adapt by learning and adjusting our perceptions to the new realities in order to avoid harming ourselves and strive for survival through progress.
  3. We recognize the temporary but legitimate character of research because of the capacity of verifying them to the extent of our current capabilities, even if we will have to change them thanks to future evidence.
  4. Though we intent to continuously reconsider our perceptions and beliefs, we reject relativism on the basis that new trues have to be validated by science.
  5. The same way we reject relativism, we do reject multiculturalism to the point other beliefs are opposed to science, fact based opinions or to our values of liberty, equality, fraternity, consciousness, creativity and exploration.
  6. We strongly support public investment in fundamental research as well as private research programs that push the borders of scientific discoveries in fields such as genetics, artificial intelligence, space exploration and robotics to help free humankind from its physical limitations, resolve distresses and enhance its creation capabilities.
  7. We welcome all ideas and solutions based on our values and principles to complete our common base that can be found in our political manifesto, which is merely a guide or frame allowing multiple practical propositions and solutions.

Organization & Practical issues

  1. The way we want to implement those reforms is through an organized network of influence which is destined to transform itself depending on its development.
  2. The network would ideally consist of city and university associations of people conscious about the danger that lack of collective accountability and disregard to science and its progress represent.
  3. The different associations would be allowed to use and claim the name of the network as long they respect the common values of the manifestos and will be part of the international organization where they will be able to coordinate themselves for a broader impact and have a fair, democratic and equal representation.
  4. Those local and international organizations should be totally transparent and present their activities and accounts to the public.
  5. The local university associations could mainly focus on exploring and sharing the need and solutions for democratic reforms, organize scientific vulgarization conference cycles and publish a newspaper in a collaborative effort between professors, researchers and students.
  6. We welcome those associations to transcend the professor-student cleavage and be inclusive of all its members into a common cause into consciousness and scientific awareness.
  7. The city associations are invited to be founded by – and recruit – supporters of a research oriented society and consciousness based democracy in order to create an active, dynamic and conscious network of professionals.
  8. They could spread and contribute to the academic conferences and newspaper, while holding a monthly networking meeting between academics, journalists and entrepreneurs to expand influence and common cause.
  9. In order to create a viable financial and influential position, we would aim at gather the support of companies that are striving for a world close to our ideal, for who we are willing to cooperate and mutually benefit each other.
  10. All companies supporting our ideal on goodwill are welcome, complementary to natural supporters like companies that are investing in the future with their research and technologies focused on renewable energy, electric cars, space exploration, robotics, etc.
  11. Those endorsements would only be accepted if their company policies respect our environmental, social and civil rights concerns.
  12. The areas we want to explore and share out through our local news magazines are local and global, democratic breaches or failures, social and civil causes, environmental issues, academic and scientific successes, network related news.
  13. Many of our values and fights are shared by other movements with who we aim to collaborate and propose to our members their pertinent information in our news channels and thus increase the global representation and concern of those concerns.
  14. We strive to get support from associations that are fighting for similar causes, for who we will accept endorsements and hope we can make a common political front by pushing original and unique reforms that will indirectly but fundamentally book progress for their causes.
  15. The main difference with other associations of which we could get endorsements is that they mainly focus on achieving awareness and push for specific changes to the actual actions of the governments, while our goal is to debate and push for reforming the way the government and parliament are operating in order to directly constrain their direction.
  16. Our ultimate goal regarding awareness is to hold regular conferences and be able to centralize on a complementary basis the publications of think tanks, research centers and civil organizations of all kind regarding scientific, social, political and environmental challenges in one comprehensive weekly newspaper and online news website in order to propose a simple and complete access for progressive citizen awareness.