About the Project

Project Karafilakis is a science vulgarization project that mainly focuses on Geopolitics. In few words, geopolitics is a discipline analyzing, understanding and therefore predicting a country’s external behavior. This knowledge can actively be used to secure a country’s survival. Our main aim here is to help democratic citizens to make enlightened decisions during elections by understanding the issues that are crucial to their societies.

Concerning the authors involvement, being westerners, we adhere to the heritage of the Enlightenment and we support our civilizational geopolitical block. In our quest to empower the West and its heritage, we explore ways to reform our liberal democracies, which we consider crucial to the West’s survival. By liberal we refer here to the political school of thought of Liberalism. We welcome all political streams and their supporters to contribute to a constructive debate on this blog. 

Asides of informing the public by vulgarizing complex geopolitical topics, we also focus on structural democratic reforms specifically related to political efficiency, representation and accountability. We believe those are necessary for the West to thrive, as well as to safeguard our core values.

We consider a greater inclusion of Raison and Science into our legislative and decision making processes absolutely essential, thus welcoming a new democratic and cultural revolution centered on republicanism, humanism and scientism. Our network aims to support collective, progressive and scientific values.

Our first concern is to contribute to the public debate by pushing to the front issues we think are important. To do so, we aspire to rely on an organized transnational, transpartisan and transprofessional structure that writes small essays with the purpose of vulgarizing ideas from the field of political science. 

How can our organization take shape? We can imagine this network to mediatize some issues by presenting essays to a broader public through books, articles, broadcasts and vlogs. We might use in a second stage these thoughts and feedback to set up an ideal science-oriented republic and grade governmental policies or propositions on our ideal democratic index. Perhaps in a undetermined future we could imagine proposing lists to parliamentary elections in order to act as a responsible opposition party network. 

We allow ourselves to be optimistic and stand up for a greater cause. Do you want to know more about our philosophy? Read our Manifesto. Do you want to know more about our project and our Youtube Channel? Keep on reading. 

Project Karafilakis is a multidimensional project. Firstly, it is a desire to spread scientific vulgarization works – of which geopolitics – for citizens for whom information is crucial to make enlightened decisions. Enlightenment is the fundamental difference between a democracy, the rule of people, a system striving for the benefit of the majority, with an ochlocracy, the rule of populace, a system striving to subjugate and abuse the majority. Thus, we have to fight corrupting ourselves.

Our society and its challenges have become more complex with the development of our human evolution, up to the point where demographic and technological progresses appear to become threats if handled carelessly. From within our democracies in the West, it is our duty to understand how we can enhance representation, equality, freedom, consciousness, abundance and how to preserve them on the international stage. Geopolitics is often disregarded, but in a world continuously further interconnected, scarce in resources and with shifting balances of power, it should be a core concern of all internal democratic debates. Unfortunately this reality is not understood and the issues it involves like climate change, environmental degradation, delocalization, automatization or economical financiarization are by consequence wrongly tackled with sometimes catastrophic implications. The world is an antagonistic place with different, and sometimes hostile, perceptions, ideologies and political agendas. Thus, we have to prepare and protect ourselves.

We do not support any political party over another or take positions on the public debate. We are beyond partisanship. In fact, we are not nationally anchored. We are global. Our purpose is to analyze and educate. Though, we are brought to criticize political propositions to point their inconsistencies with the scientific consensus. It is accepted that politics is just a matter of all. Which is, much more than a right, a duty. But politics, and especially international politics, is as much a science as engineering or chemistry. Through understanding politics, our goal is to spread rational and critical thinking in order to strive for the greater good. Far more than being smart, Raison is an ensemble of particular perceptions, methods and watchdogs. Thus, we must rightly inform ourselves.

Geopolitics, scientific understanding and vulgarization should be at the heart of our political thinking in order to achieve, not only enlightened policies, but individual consciousness as well. Our small contribution to this is to publish on this blog analytical articles and transcriptions of our  dedicated Youtube channel on these same topics. We will explore the most daring propositions to reform our political, economic, academic and news structures on a scientific and rational foundation. Because what seems to be unrightful and uninformed, is only the consequence of what is permitted and induced. We can try to convince the thief to become a saint, however as long there is poverty, there will always be thieves. What is true for thieves, is true for politicians and their tricks or businessmen and their greed. People do what they know to do and what they are allowed to do. Thus, we have to reform ourselves by reforming our political structures.

This is Project Karafilakis. However, if we are allowed to dream, from an individual project to inform, we hope we could create a a network of sharing constructive and innovative analyses. And even get organized in civil organizations to influence the political debate, push for reforms and check on the political activities. Because Project Karafilakis is not only an idea. It is an ideal. Pointing out the ridiculous, informing ourselves through science and sharing hope is already changing the world. It is already doing politics. Not partisan politics. Not traditional politics. But politics nevertheless. Unbound, global, cosmopolitan and rational politics. For more you can check the Manifesto of Karafilakism and adhere to our principles to explore and influence the world for more rational reforms!

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